Position Description:

Sales & Marketing Manager

ProTracker Software, Inc.

Hampton, NH

Contact: Warren Mackensen, President


The company has set a new standard for client relationship management systems, ProTracker Advantage, for a niche market of about 100,000 potential customers. The product is also offered through ProTracker Cloud. The company has been in business for 17 years.  The Company has over 275 software licensees nationwide, with 800 users at these licensee companies.

The Company offers support through its web-based knowledge base, on-line Help in the product itself, through email, and by telephone

Software updates are included as part of the annual maintenance fees.

The Company also sells a Compliance Manual, a Business Continuity Plan, an Information Security Program Manual, and an industry-specific Form ADV Part 2 Firm Brochure.


We are looking for a reliable full-time sales & marketing professional. The position involves various duties as further outlined below.

Your contributions will be noticed. The position is highly visible and will provide an opportunity for a mature person to enjoy the excitement of being part of a financial services industry pioneering software company.

The compensation is competitive and depends upon the level of education, work experience and skill set of the applicant.

The work week is 40 hours. The hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The position is NOT a telecommuting position.  The ideal candidate will live within 15 miles of Hampton, NH.

The Sales & Marketing Manager reports to the President.


Cares about others. Willing to go the extra mile for another person.

Excellent telephone skills. Friendly. Courteous. Empathetic.

Excellent command of the English language, both oral and written.

Comfortable calling prospects and customers and providing solutions to their problems.

Loyal. Mature personality.

Unabashed, but tactful. Open and honest at all times.

Ability to explain technical concepts simply.

Meticulous about recordkeeping. Inherently organized and neat.

Ability to follow written procedures.

Good initiative. Proactive.

Flexible when necessary.


Positive outlook on life. Cheerful, upbeat person.

Good sense of humor. Team player.

Good problem-solving skills. Can think quickly.

Imagination, patience and tact.

Ability to work independently.

Interested in technology and acquiring additional technical knowledge.



Sales (75%):

Answer incoming telephone calls for ProTracker Software.

Place outgoing calls to inquiries.

Enter sales notes and happiness checks in the internal Tracker database.

Respond to Demo and Guided Tours requests:
  Research Company that downloaded data to determine extent of opportunity
         Send welcome email
         Follow up with phone call
         Enter sales note date for future follow-up

Fulfill new and renewal orders:
         Send license key
         Enter Tracker database renewal note
         Establish happiness check follow-up date

Schedule one-on-one webcasts for prospects.

Perform webcasts with prospective customers using Go To Meeting.

Process occasional credit card orders received by telephone.

Set appointments in ProTracker Advantage (Mackensen & Company database) for President.

Marketing (20%):

Schedule User Group webcasts (2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month).

Assist with preparations for financial services industry conferences (2 per year).

Attend three-day financial services industry conferences (2 per year).

Follow up with prospects met at industry conferences.

Develop and send Exact Target outbound marketing emails.

Send ProTracker Tips – weekly emails through Exact Target.

Send ProTracker announcements through Exact Target emails.

Send ProTracker press releases via email.

Support (5%):

Provide first level customer support on company products when answering the telephone.


Comprehensive financial planning for you and your immediate family. This is a significant opportunity to increase your own net worth. You will receive greatly increased knowledge of personal financial planning, investments, taxes, retirement planning and estate planning.

Competitive salary.

Flexible Spending Account Plan:  This is a voluntary account where you may set aside a certain portion of your pre-tax compensation that is later used during the year for medical and dependent care expenses. Immediate eligibility.

Workers compensation insurance.

Health insurance (after 90 days). Company pays 80% of single rate.

Long-term disability plan (after one year).


Comfortable smoke-free office with central air conditioning.

Full kitchen facilities (stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, bottled water, sodas).

Pleasant people with whom to work.

Professional and neat appearance required. Jeans and sneakers are not acceptable attire. Good grooming expected at all times.


Computer skills required:

     Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

     Microsoft Windows Explorer

     Microsoft Word - Good proficiency

     Microsoft Excel - Good proficiency

     Microsoft Outlook - Good proficiency

     Microsoft PowerPoint
     Microsoft Access

     Microsoft Internet Explorer

     Internet search techniques

     Knowledge of local area networks

     Some HTML experience helpful

     Knowledge of website administration

Professional capabilities:

  Positive mental attitude most important above all else.

  Good familiarity with computers and Microsoft Office Suite software.

  Excellent keyboarding skills.

  Ability to learn quickly.

  Very high attention to detail.

        Maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Work Experience

        At least two years of increasingly responsible sales and marketing experience.

        This position requires a very focused person with maturity and professional poise.

        This is a mid-level position.


Interviews will be conducted in April. A decision will be made by the end of April. 

Requirements Prior to the First Contact:

Review www.protracker.com

Review www.mackensen.com (typical ProTracker Software customer)

    Submit a resume and cover letter for review. Letters of reference are helpful.

           Email: warren@protracker.com

    Attachments, such as Word or PDF documents, are acceptable with your cover letter. 

    Indicate how your past experience and personal situation is relevant to the position.

    Indicate salary requirements.

We will call you to arrange a telephone interview. In your cover letter, please provide a phone number and times when you are available. Cell phones are fine.

Telephone Interview:

Demonstrate that you have reviewed the ProTracker Software website in preparation for the call.  www.protracker.com

Demonstrate that you have reviewed the Mackensen & Company  website in preparation for the call.  www.mackensen.com

     Ask questions about the scope of the position.

Discuss any potential issues that may impact your decision to accept the position, if it is offered.

     During the telephone interview, you should be prepared to:

             Discuss how your skills meet the requirements of the position.     

             Demonstrate your telephone skills and command of the English language.

             Discuss details of how you have solved technical problems in the past.

             Discuss details of your computer expertise.

             Discuss details of your knowledge of Microsoft Word.

             Discuss details of your knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

             Discuss details of your knowledge of Microsoft Access.

             Discuss your experience with website administration.

    Demonstrate your ability to think on your feet by answering several math questions.

    Agree to submit a personal credit report to the President for review within 2 weeks. 

Personal Interview:

    Learn more about the company and see the office.

    Ask questions about the particulars of the position.

    Answer a few general questions, in writing, without using a personal computer.

    Demonstrate excellent keyboarding skills at the computer.

    Demonstrate ability to type correspondence using Microsoft Word.

    Demonstrate ability to use Microsoft Excel and prepare a simple spreadsheet.

    Demonstrate ability to search the Internet.

After the Personal Interview:

    Submit copy of high school diploma.

    Submit copy of associate degree or undergraduate diploma.

    Submit your personal credit report.

Decision Process:

    Clean personal credit history. (Debt is OK. Past due amounts are not.)

    Degree to which skills match requirements.

    Assessment of potential for success in the position.

    A background check may be conducted.

    A drug test may be conducted.

Upon receipt of an offer:

   Sign the offer letter and return it within one week.

   Complete a W-4 Tax Withholding form.

   Complete an I-9 Immigration and Naturalization Service Form (2 forms of ID).

   Sign confidentiality agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

   Sign regulatory documents:
            Insider Trading Policy
      Non-Disclosure Agreement
        Code of Ethics.

   Agree to provide Asset Holdings Reports within 10 days of accepting employment,
   and annually thereafter.

   Agree to provide Transaction Reports quarterly to satisfy SEC insider trading rules.


We deal with busy professionals and real business situations every day. We are looking for a genuine person with empathy for customers who are sometimes frustrated with their current client relationship management software. The Sales & Marketing Manager must be able to field calls and interact with prospects and customers on a personal level with a high degree of precision.

If you are looking for a position that will expose you to many new learning opportunities, this is it.

Thank you for considering the Sales & Marketing Manager position at ProTracker Software!

Warren J. Mackensen